What is Monkeypox Virus? What is the connection between Monkeypox and Monkey?

This is an Orthopoxviral infection that spreads from animal to human and from person to person. This disease appears like smallpox or chickenpox. A person is likely to get monkeypox if he comes in close contact with an infected person or animal. The disease is spread through wounds, body fluids, respiratory droplets, and contaminated material such as bedding. This virus is less contagious than smallpox.

What is the connection between Monkeypox and Monkeys?

In the 1950s, polio disease was increasing in countries around the world. Scientists were engaged in the search of polio vaccine. Scientists needed monkeys for vaccine trials. A large number of monkeys were being brought to the lab for research. Similarly, some monkeys were brought from Malaysia in a lab in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1958, a strange disease was observed in the monkeys of this lab. Smallpox-like rashes had emerged on the bodies of these monkeys. When these monkeys were tested, a new virus was found in them. This virus was named Monkeypox.

It was first detected in humans in 1970 in a 9-month-old baby from the Congo. This case was surprising because in 1968 smallpox was completely eradicated from here. Later, when the sample of this child was tested, it was confirmed to have a monkeypox. After the first case of a human being infected with monkeypox was reported, monkeys and squirrels in several African countries were tested. Antibodies against monkeypox were found in these. From this, scientists speculated that Africa is the original source of monkeypox. This virus must have spread in Asian monkeys from Africa itself.

For the first time in 2003, this virus spread outside Africa. Then a person was found infected with it in America. This infection was spread in him by a pet dog. This dog was brought from the African country of Ghana. Then in September 2018, in countries like Israel, in May 2019 UK, in December 2019 its cases started coming up. This year in 2022 monkeypox has once again started wreaking havoc. However, even after years, many studies are being done regarding the infection and transmission of monkeypox.

How does monkeypox spread from animals to humans?

A person is likely to get monkeypox when he comes in contact with an animal infected with monkeypox. These mainly include rats, squirrels, monkeys, etc. Avoiding contact with sick and dead animals is the only measure that can prevent humans from getting monkeypox. Especially where monkeypox is endemic, eating any food that contains animal flesh or other parts of their bodies can significantly increase the risk of monkeypox. Monkeypox can be contracted from a bite from an infected animal, or by touching its blood, body fluids, or fur.

Human-to-Human transmission of monkeypox

If we talk about the spread of monkeypox from man to man, then it spreads by coming in contact with the infected. If a person is infected with monkeypox, it can be spread by breathing, sneezing, coughing, or otherwise coming in contact with droplets of respiratory particles. If a person or a health worker takes care of a monkeypox patient for a long time, then he is also suspected of getting monkeypox. Transmission can also occur through the placenta, from mother to fetus (causing congenital monkeypox), or during close contact during and after birth. The possibility of getting monkeypox is very high even by establishing a physical relationship.

What are the symptoms of monkeypox?

The time from infection to symptoms of monkeypox can generally range from 5 to 21 days. Along with fever, the infected may feel muscle pain, stiffness, and weakness. Along with this, as the disease of monkeypox starts increasing, the lymph nodes of the infected patient start swelling, which is the biggest identity of monkeypox. On the occurrence of monkeypox, within five days the patient’s body starts getting smallpox marks, due to which the patient has to face many more problems.
Following are the symptoms of Monkeypox:-
1) Fever
2) Chills
3) Exhaustion
4) Back pain
5) Headache
6) Muscle pain
7) Swollen Lymph Nodes

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