What is mental health? Is it necessary to go to Psychiatry Doctor?

Hello, today we are going to talk about a very special issue. Today our topic is mental health. Physical health is visible to everyone but mental health is not easily visible or else people do not understand it. If any of you have a stomach ache, fever or headache, or cold, then we go to the doctor. If a bone is broken, those with bones go to the doctor. But if someone is depressed for 10-12 days, he is completely silent. If he doesn’t eat well and doesn’t have a father, then his family members tell him why do you live like this, be happy, and everything goes well in life. This means that most people do not understand that it is not normal for him to be depressed for 10 days. Rather it is a disease, it also needs a doctor and that doctor is a Psychiatrist.

Psychiatrists On hearing the name of the people, it is twelve o’clock on the face of the people and they never like to go to such a doctor. People directly answer that our son is not mad and that he will go to a mad doctor. This is the thinking of our society, which is totally wrong. In countries like USA and UK, if anyone has some mental problem due to depression, anxiety, over-thinking, then there they easily go to a Psychiatrist and live a normal life by getting their treatment done. Their society is more civilized and educated than ours. They understand very well what is mental illness and how important it is to get its treatment.

There is a simple logic that if we are not mentally healthy then can we do any of our work well? A person’s life cannot go well if he is upset inside, restless, scared, or always depressed with negative thoughts. Many people do not understand that they can also have a mental illness.

Signs and Symptoms of Typical Depression

1) Sadness

2) Disturbed Sleep

3) Lack of Sleep

4) Lack of Interest

5) Lack of Concentration

6) Lack of Appetite

7) Lack of Energy

8) Feeling of Worthlessness

9) Inability to Feel Pleasure

10) Weight Loss

11) Suicidal Thoughts

Do you know that there are some Neurotransmitters in our brain? Neurotransmitters There are chemical messengers without which your body cannot function. Their job is to carry chemical signals (“messages”) from one neuron (nerve cell) to the next target cell. The next target cell may be another nerve cell, a muscle cell, or a gland. Norepinephrine, Serotonin, and Dopamine are the names of some of the Neurotransmitters. If these chemicals are in excess then the person will become hyperactive. If it decreases, then the person will go into depression. This means that it is very important for these Neurotransmitters to remain balanced. Be it more or less, in both situations medicines and treatment will be required.

  • A person starts getting scared of a rope mistaking it for a snake – An illusion
  • A person hears strange sounds while the people living next to them do not – Hallucinations
    Both Illusion and Hallucinations are common notions.
  • A person thinks that his neighbor wants to kill him or want to harm him, due to which that person remains scared – Delusion of Persecution
  • Whatever happens around a person, he holds himself responsible for it. He is happy as well as upset, that is, he gives an emotional reaction to whatever happens.
  • A person will feel that if he coughs or sneezes loudly, the whole city will fly away. So because of that, he tries to stop coughing and sneezing – Delusion of Enormity
  • A husband feels that his wife is having an affair somewhere else and because of that he constantly keeps an eye on her. Keeps complete news of his coming and going. Due to this both of them fight every day and their married life gets ruined – Delusion of Infidelity

all these Delusions are called. That is a false belief A belief or idea that cannot be easily changed. 


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